Mineral Standards

Soil and clay standards

Beijing Domiderty Scientific Co., Ltd. supplies clay standard materials produced by the clay minerals Society in the United States, such as kaolin Kaolin, palygorskite, montmorillonite, hectorite, synthetic mica-montmorillonite, calcium-rich (White) Ca-rich Montmorillonite (White), Na-rich Montmorillonite, Ripidolite (chlorite), Rectorite (conventional mixed layer) Rectorite, Optigel SH, synthetic lithium Laponite RD, Synthetic layered silicate, Montmorillonite (“Otay”), Illite, etc.Click here for detailed product information.

Geological reference material standards (GRM)and microanalytical reference material standards(MRM)

Beijing Domiderty Scientific Co., Ltd. specializes in supplying geological reference materials and trace analysis reference materials. Geological reference materials such as AGV-2 Andesite andesite, GSP-2 Granodiorite granodiorite, BCR-2 Basalt basalt, NOD-A-1 Mn nodule, BHVO-2 Basalt basalt, NOD-P-1 Mn nodule, BIR- 1 Basalt basalt, SDC-1 Mica Schist mica schist, COQ-1 Carbonatite carbonate, QLO-1 Quartz Latite quartz, CLB-1Coa coal, SGR-1 Shale shale, SDO-1 Shale, SCo-1 Cody Shale Oil shale, SCo-1 Cody shale, DNC-1 Dunite, W-2A Diabase diabase, RGM-2 Rhyolite rhyolite, BSK-1 Rhyolite sediment. Reference materials for microanalysis, such as MACS-1 coral matrix, BIR-1G basalt glass, MAPS-1 bone matrix, GSA-1G synthetic glass, MASS-1 sulfide matrix, GSC-1G synthetic glass, MAOS-1 organic matrix, GSD-1G synthetic glass, BCR-2G basalt glass, GSE-1G synthetic glass, BHVO-2G basalt glass, etc.Click here for detailed product information.