Chromatographic supplies and Standards

Beijing Domiderty Scientific Co., Ltd. specializes in importing domestic laboratory analysis and testing equipment and consumables. Committed to becoming a one-stop integrated service provider of scientific research products such as conventional laboratory basic equipment, general analytical instruments, laboratory consumables, spectral standards, atomic absorption spectrometers, gas liquid chromatography consumables, and standard solution reagents .

*CERI* 日本化学物質評価研究所

CERI (Japanese Chemical Substances Evaluation and Research Institute) has been committed to becoming a reliable interface between humans, chemicals and the environment. CERI’s outstanding team of researchers is engaged in testing, evaluation, and research and development to solve problems related to chemicals. .
The Japan Chemical Evaluation and Comprehensive Research Institute (CERI) engages in activities related to chemicals, including a wide range of experiments, tests, analyses, assessments, research and development. Our ultimate goal is to promote the sound development of the industry and the quality of royalty-free chemicals and ensure their safety, while emphasizing environmental protection and health protection and health protection to enhance people’s lifestyle.
As an independent and impartial organization, CERI is committed to maintaining a balance between chemicals and the environment. CERI is using its services to support customer R & D projects. CERI makes full use of the state-of-the-art facilities and highly qualified professionals to work, develops a series of chemical analysis techniques and biological testing methods for clients, and designs research to solve related technical problems in the field of chemicals.
Among them, CERI’s L series column technology has been developed and developed, and this series of columns has been widely used in various fields. Please click here to see the columns details.


PolyLC’s products include hydrophobic interaction chromatography, hydrophilic interaction chromatography, peptide cation exchange chromatography, protein cation exchange chromatography, HPLC columns that selectively remove SDS and complex carbohydrates from peptide digests. PolyLC can provide the most complex biochemical separation technology support. Please click here to see the details.