IVD Materials

Beijing Domiderty Scientific Ltd. Co., specializes in the import of in vitro diagnostic reagents industrial raw materials enzymes, coenzymes, substrates, antibodies, antigents and etc, . Dedicated to providing value-added services for in vitro diagnostic reagent manufacturers and life science R & D customers. The mainly brands of Domiderty is DMDT. In addition,We also have other brands such as ROCHE, TOYOBO, SORACHIM, ORIENTIAL YEAST,NIPRO,Kikkomann,Kamiya …Please click here for the detailed description.

Chromatographic supplies and Standards

Beijing Domiderty Scientific Co., Ltd. specializes in importing domestic laboratory analysis and testing equipment and consumables. Committed to becoming a one-stop integrated service provider of scientific research products such as conventional laboratory basic equipment, general analytical instruments, laboratory consumables, spectral standards, atomic absorption spectrometers, gas liquid chromatography consumables, and standard solution reagents .Please click here to get the detailed description.

Mineral Standards

Beijing Domiderty Scientific Co., Ltd. specializes in supplying Clay Standards ,geological reference materials (GRM)and trace analysis reference materials (MRM).Provide convenient and efficient services to researchers at domestic and foreign university research institutes and various enterprises and institutions.Please click here to get the detaild description.