Enzymes are proteins or RNAs produced by living cells that have a high specificity and catalytic efficiency for their substrates. Enzymes are an extremely important class of biocatalysts. Due to the action of enzymes, chemical reactions in living organisms can be performed efficiently and specifically under extremely mild conditions.Beijing Domiderty specializes in providing a variety of different enzymes. Please click here to get a detailed list .


Coenzyme is a general term for a large class of organic cofactors, and is an essential factor for enzyme-catalyzed oxidation-reduction reactions, group transfers, and isomerization reactions. They assume the function of transferring electrons, atoms or groups in enzymatic reactions. Coenzyme can also be regarded as a second substrate, because the chemical change of coenzyme occurs exactly the opposite of the substrate when the catalytic reaction occurs. Mainly coenzymes we currently provide are: NAD, NADH, NADP, APAD, Co A, Co A-Li3, FAD, AP5A-Li, etc. Click here for detailed list…


The substrate is a substance that participates in a biochemical reaction, and can be a chemical element, a molecule, or a compound, and can form a product by acting. The substrate of a biochemical reaction is often the product of another chemical reaction. Click herefor detailed list…


Antibodies refer to proteins with protective effects produced by the body due to the stimulation of antigens. It (immunoglobulin is not just antibodies) is a large Y-shaped protein secreted by plasma cells (effector B cells) and used by the immune system to identify and neutralize foreign substances such as bacteria and viruses The surface of cell membranes of vertebrate blood and other B cells. We can supply lots of antibodies, such as Glycated hemoglobin monoclonal antibody and polyclonal antibody for preparing glycated hemoglobin reagent. There are also pepsinogen antibodies, MMP-3, CA153, CA50, KL-6 and so on. Click here for details.


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