Beijing Domiderty Scientific Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company composed of professional technical engineers and senior management teams. Most employees have a master’s degree or above. With its world-class products and services, Domiderty is mainly committed to providing high-quality imported raw materials and overall solutions to in vitro diagnostic reagent manufacturers in domestic and international markets, while providing a wide range of biochemical reagents, fine chemical products and experimental equipment for scientific research users .


DMDT contains enzymes, coenzymes,antibodies, substrates and etc., DMDT brand products are of good quality and stable delivery, and are currently used by customers. For detailed product information, please click Products.

*Domiderty culture*

Self-improvement, healthy competition, mutual competition and mutual support; No best, only better, continuous improvement is the essence of corporate culture; Be realistic and dare to be the first!

*Domiderty vision*

Thank you for your attention and support for us. We will pay attention to customer needs as always , keep pace with technology development, and provide customers with cost-effective products and services,become a company with the satisfaction of customers and industry and employee.